Books on Tap

I’v always wondered how to find the most intriguing books, those books everyones reading, and top reviewed books without spending hours Googling for that perfect title. I follow people that post cute pictures of books they’re reading, and wanted in on this for one of my New Year goals. I simply want to read more. For 2019, I signed up for: Book of the Month

My books came in the mail today. Isn’t getting mail so exciting?! I seriously feel like I have my own personal book shopper.

So, I am someone who is careful signing up for things, because we all know everything is a subscription now. I went ahead and signed up for BOTM knowing it is a monthly subscription with raving reviews, and I can easily press skip at anytime. I am loving the subscription so far, and can’t wait to start my books tonight! ❤️

I follow BOTM on Instagram, but I did some initial research to learn more. I also read the books product detail pages that showed a book review, author bio, cover photo, and book preview. It helped me pick the perfect books to try for my first month. Below is some initial information from my first BOTM experience in case anyone has the same curiosity.

What is it? Book of the Month is a monthly hardcover book subscription where you can create an account and choose your books by the 6th of each month that get delivered to you. Try your first book FREE, here!

Price: $14.99/month for 1 book credit, and $9.99/each extra book.
$149.99/year for 1 book credit each month.
Try your first book FREE, here!

Is there a contract? No Way! Press skip a month when you’re all sign up, and your credits rollover to the next month! It’s so awesome.

Are there any fees? Shipping is always free!

How long does shipping take? The website says 4-7 days, and up to 14 days. I placed my order on a holiday, January 1st, and received my order on January 9th. I would give shipping the full 7 days depending on where you live.

Are there gift memberships? Yes! You can even buy a gift membership for someone who is already a member.