Fear Has No Hold

Dreams are weird. I had the strangest dream this past week that showed an example of fear. I thought about writing this blog earlier this week, but dreams are strange and other people reading them could be even weirder. Oh well! I realized the premise of my dream was something everyone has probably dealt with, so I am sharing it. Writing from the heart can be scary, but that’s my main goal.

It began in a dreary place. It made me think of The Walking Dead. You’ll soon know why. There were huge trees, winding dirt paths, funny shaped houses with steep staircases, creaky floors, and crooked doors. It was a maze that forced me to find a way out. There were zombies running towards me and chasing me. It seemed I was the only normal person. I couldn’t see anyone else like me. I was scared of the people running towards me. I was running and trying to find a place to hide. Trying to find the best way out and back to normalcy. When I was terrified, the people would get to me. It woke me up from the dream. I fell back asleep into the chaos maze. I realized I had to be brave and started running to get past the people bringing me down. Some of the fear was gone, and I started to fly. If you picture a baby bird trying to fly, that’s what this was like. Crazy, I know. I was flying over land and could see for miles. It was beautiful from the sky.

Confidence ran through my thoughts, and I flew higher above the zombies. I could see them jumping to get me, but they couldn’t reach. Flying higher gave me relief to get away to a better place. I could see a finish line fence with a security guard and gates to leave. Was this a zoo? This whole time was a race? A test? I can do this! Then I looked down… The zombies jumped so high, but they couldn’t get me. Thoughts full of doubts flooded in. Am I doing this well? Am I flying high enough? I started lowering. I started panicking. I lowered more. I desperately tried to think confidently to fly higher again, but I could feel myself getting closer to the ground. It was like coming in for a landing at the airport. I couldn’t figure out how to get the positive thoughts back. A large zombie jumped and I felt him barely miss me. I could see the exit. It was close. I needed to get there fast. I was skimming over the tops of the zombies until it was like I puttered out and couldn’t fly. I landed scared and had to run through the winding dirt paths to the exit as fast as possible. I got closer and saw gobs of zombies. They ran towards me as I sprinted to the exit and most magical place I’ve ever seen. Almost to that gate. I woke up. My heart was racing.

My dream was super crazy, I know. You are amazing if you made it this far. I think my dream showed a great lesson about fear having the ability to shut the brains confidence down. We have the power to overcome our fears, think positively, and follow through on performing our best even when people try to bring us down. I created a short Spotify playlist just for you as a mood booster. Follow it HERE! ❤️

Thinking about a part II to this post. You in?