Where Did You Get That?

For the past few years, I’ve wanted to find myself in my style as an adult woman. I’m not a fashion blogger, and will never admit to being one. Let’s just get that out there. I’m not a woman who LOVES shopping, but I like to have cute things. If you ask anyone I know, they’ll tell you the same thing about me.

If I had the ability to snap my fingers to switch out my wardrobe that would be the best method for me. Because that is not exactly possible, I resort to online shopping, and buying gently used or signing up for clothing rental subscriptions.

Loved this blouse and bracelet I received in my recent tote. 

The idea of online clothing subscriptions were always a bit of a wash for me, because of cost, shipping time, amount of clothing I received versus buying. I always wanted something new for an event, dinner, or trip. I decided to take the jump this past year to use Le Tote, and have loved it. It’s not only that, but I can step out of my comfort zone in fashion and try pieces I might not want to invest in. I have been able to try statement piece earrings, bold blouses, skirts, and jackets I wouldn’t normally purchase. It’s given me a better idea of my style and confidence as a woman. The shipping is fast, I have been able to switch out my box weekly, and have loved the pieces. I regularly receive the comment, “Where did you get that?” I always answer, “Le Tote!!”. This conversation usually continues with details on what exactly it is and how to sign up. So here are all the details for you.  

I included a few images of my recent totes below. 

Here is brief overview of Le Tote for you!
Le Tote Facts:

What is it? A rental fashion service that let’s you choose the clothing and accessories you like to wear, then return, and repeat! No more energy shopping sales racks! Le Tote styles your tote based on input, favorites, sizing, and measurements. Then, you will be able to decide what stays in your tote and ships to you. You can choose from all the items on the Le Tote app or website. Le Tote will suggest correct sizing on pieces based on your measurements, but will allow you to view the size chart of each piece. It’s smart shopping!  

Price: Plans start at $69 without accessories and $79 with accessories!
Want your first tote FREE

Is there a contract? No! – You can also freeze your Le Tote membership and decide when to reactivate it. The customer service is fantastic. They are a quick email away. 

Do I have to buy anything or pay fees? Nope! You can just rent the clothes without fees. You can also purchase the clothes at a discounted rate of up to 50% off retail rates.

What if I spill something? Le Tote offers optional monthly insurance for $5 a month to cover any repairable damages to the clothing.  

Do I need to wash the clothes? Nope! Le Tote washes the clothing and sterilizes the accessories before putting them back into the renting rotation. 

How many totes can I get? This depends on your membership. I have an unlimited membership, and usually receive multiple totes with clothing and accessories in one month. I try to receive one every week, but sometimes like wearing one piece multiple times for work and weekend dinners. I usually purchase my favorite pieces that I can’t part with. 

Leave a comment below or contact me with any other questions!