Blank Canvas

Hi everyone!!

I’m Lauren, a college graduate and young professional who combats all sorts of millennial jokes while balancing everything from business skills, cooking, working out, dating, church, finances, and my love for budgeting and couponing. I am stepping out to share my journey as a young woman who balances the day to day life pressures, experiences, and professional advice. I’ve had good and bad friends to spend time with but have always wanted that one person I could reach out to or follow that made me think, “I’m so glad there is a relatable professional woman on the social media?!!”

Women have so many high standards to live up to. We attempt to balance it all, and constantly feel as if we are almost there all the time. The pressure is intense. This is the creation of a fresh space for all women alike.

This blog is for all of you that simply want to unapologetically be yourself, feel empowered, but also motivated to step out and do some of the things on your bucket list everyday!

Are you in??